Cathy Edgington

I just wanted to take a moment to thank your team for being so helpful during these trying times we are all navigating. As we were mandated to Shelter in Place on Sunday evening, your team was right there by our side helping us get everyone situated so that we did not skip a beat as we transitioned those who have never worked remotely to exclusively working remotely. You assisted us in being proactive last week so that in the event we were mandated to close physical locations, we were able to do so quickly and effectively.

As I think over our relationship for the past seven years, this service level is just the norm for your group. As we have grown, you have grown with us. As technology changes, you come to us with new recommendations. You always have the right people in your arsenal to handle whatever situation we encounter or any growth we need. We always appreciate you but don’t say it enough.

Please thank your team from all of us at Indigo Workplace Communication and know that we truly are grateful for your patience, professionalism and spirit. In the heat of the moment, and always, Ranger is the kind of partner we want by our side.

Have a great day!

Cathy Edgington
Indigo Workplace Communication