Cybersecurity Services for Dallas Businesses

When (not if) you face a cyberattack, everything you've worked for will be protected with our comprehensive cyber defenses. We’ve been protecting businesses like yours in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and throughout North Texas for more than 18 years.

You’re not the only business owner who probably thinks “a cyberattack just won’t happen to me.” The vast majority of people believe they are not likely to suffer negative outcomes across many topics.* But cyberattacks happen non-stop and SMBs are popular targets, which is why cybersecurity experts know it’s just a matter of time before cybercriminals try to steal your valuable data and disrupt your organization. But Ranger Solutions has you covered.

Our cybersecurity services will protect your digital assets and operations no matter what cyberattack threatens your Dallas/Fort Worth area business. After assessing your IT environments, policies, and procedures, we’ll identify your risks and then provide the most effective, tailored solutions. You’ll have a dedicated team of experts proactively testing for vulnerabilities while monitoring, investigating, and eradicating cyberthreats around the clock.

60% of small companies close within 6 months of being hacked. * Don’t become a statistic. Contact Ranger Solutions today, Dallas and North Texas’s leading provider of cybersecurity services

*Cybercrime Magazine

You’ll never suffer from prolonged downtime, costly recovery operations, or a damaged reputation, thanks to our comprehensive Cybersecurity Services:

  • Network security that protects you at the perimeter with advanced firewalls, strict user access, and much more
  • Email protections including encryption software and filters that block phishing and malware
  • Real-time Security Information and Event Management that logs, analyzes, and remediates threats
  • Solutions and guidance that help you achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements
  • 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee
  • Simple solutions that we set up and fully manage for a flat monthly fee

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