Why Choose Us?

Our specialty is IT Consulting, Computer Support and Network Services for small to medium size business just like yours. Here are our promises to you.

  1. We like what we do - At Ranger Business Solutions we have a passion for technology and cybersecurity - and we also understand the IT solution needs of your business. We speak your language, so you’ll always understand what is happening within your system.
  2. Our services are comprehensive. We offer complete Cybersecurity with up-to-date assessments. We use a trustworthy 3rd party company to assess your security risk and address issues before they turn into problems. We offer Compliance As A Service (CaaS). CaaS includes solutions including security, patch management, encryption, backup and disaster recovery, and physical security. In addition, we offer services such as monitoring and reporting, audits, certifications, and consulting.
  3. We are experienced. Since 2003, our highly certified technicians work proactively, efficiently, and transparently to ensure that problems are dealt with and that your technology is working at its peak performance. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years and we believe that your IT service should be working for you - not against you. Not only that but we’ll always explain to you exactly what we’re doing and why - in plain English!
  4. We guarantee our work. From the guaranteed accuracy of our invoices and our sixty minutes or less response time, to our 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee, we think that once you’ve tried the Ranger Solutions difference, you’ll wish you had worked with us years ago!