Ranger is easy to contact, fast to respond, forward-thinking with regards to solutions and they explain things on my level in a way that I can understand. Any time we have technical difficulties with our network, they are resolved within minutes.

Melissa Rench Operations Director
Up and Open Imaging

We improved productivity over 30% with Ranger's implementation. Ranger has modernized the medical technology in our practice and supported our growth to forty PCs over the past nine years. Ranger's has played a huge role in our success.

Eddie Callejas Oak Cliff Family Healthcare

I've known Mark for well over 6 years now. For the past couple of years, Mark's company has been managing our website and applications for Pocketstop. I would highly recommend Ranger Solutions to anyone who is serious about the availability of their websites and web applications. If we have a problem, I can contact Ranger Solutions at any time of the day and that helps me sleep better at night.

Brian Teague President

When it was time for a technology upgrade, we turned to Ranger to help source and install the products that would give us optimum performance and efficiency. The technical support they continue to provide is critical to our daily operations.

Paige Dawson Owner
MPD Ventures Company

Ranger has been extraordinarily helpful as ONEprop rolled out our Microsoft Server implementation. The system holds great promise, including secure file access from anywhere. This would not have been possible without the infrastructure support from Ranger.

Kevin Martin COO
ONEprop Inc.

Last summer was the worst summer of my life. Our IT provider was awful. They made our company switch over to their host, which was wrong because that wasn’t how we worked. Our service crashed and we were down for two weeks and they had no reason why. I called a friend in the IT World…. I trusted her word for their service. We spent 30 minutes with Ranger and they quickly resolved the problem to get us up and running again. Ranger worked well to mesh up with us and adapt to our business culture. Ranger is wonderful; they are responsive and reliably maintain our server and network.

Stacy L. Mackey Assistant Controller
Cardinal Capital Partners

Ranger showed an immediate understanding of the problem list and clear experience with those issues. They show up promptly and are incredibly efficient at working down that list to make your office run the way you need it to. After confirming with me their understanding of my problems and goals, they worked without looking up for about 4 1/2 hours. In that time they accomplished more than what other "IT consultants" or companies normally would have in a number of weeks, usually having to run back and forth to Office Depot or Frye's or wherever they go. Usually in these gaps I wonder how much of the network is safe to actually use without data loss or other annoyance. It is very settling to finally have a solid support team behind my network. It is a huge time, money and stress savings. I am without a doubt recommending Ranger Business Solutions to my colleagues.

Dr. Elizabeth Eversull Pure Healing

Ranger Solutions has always provided our firm with tremendous value in the area of IT outsourced services. At first I was hesitant about outsourcing this critical function, but Mark and his staff have provided a seamless, proficient and professional addition to our team.

Lynn Gravley CEO
NT Logistics Inc.

What I like most about Ranger Solutions service is the personal attention our company receives. Their staff listens to our needs and wants, developing solutions tailored to those needs and wants. Ranger delivers a complete “WOW” service experience. Ranger delivers great customer service with a staff that is very good. Ranger Solutions is as advertised.

Brian R. Roberts Chief Financial Officer
Paragon Sports Constructors, LLC

The Ranger Solutions’ team is down-to-earth and practical. They have the capabilities we need, coupled with the relationship aspect we want. We get everything we need technically, and we feel like we’ve got an ally or a partner in our business."

"We got lucky early on by finding a managed service provider with this kind of specialized expertise in security and compliance. The Ranger Solutions team is professional, accurate, and they know their stuff."

“Once you get past the technical aspects, it’s about personality, responsiveness, and the rapport you develop. We experienced those traits and the culture fit with Ranger from the beginning.”

Mark McClanahan Chief Financial Officer
Banner Oak Capital Partners

I just wanted to take a moment to thank your team for being so helpful during these trying times we are all navigating. As we were mandated to Shelter in Place on Sunday evening, your team was right there by our side helping us get everyone situated so that we did not skip a beat as we transitioned those who have never worked remotely to exclusively working remotely. You assisted us in being proactive last week so that in the event we were mandated to close physical locations, we were able to do so quickly and effectively.

As I think over our relationship for the past seven years, this service level is just the norm for your group. As we have grown, you have grown with us. As technology changes, you come to us with new recommendations. You always have the right people in your arsenal to handle whatever situation we encounter or any growth we need. We always appreciate you but don’t say it enough.

Please thank your team from all of us at Indigo Workplace Communication and know that we truly are grateful for your patience, professionalism and spirit. In the heat of the moment, and always, Ranger is the kind of partner we want by our side.

Have a great day!

Cathy Edgington Indigo Workplace Communication